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Frequently Asked Questions at Wadebridge Chiropractic Clinic

Answers to Common Questions

How quickly can I be seen/ Can I be seen today?
We aim to see you ASAP, usually within a day or two. We require about an hour for the initial appointment and as soon as we have such a gap in our diary you will be offered an appointment.

How long is a session?

First appointment is 1 hour, second appointment 30 minutes, subsequent treatments are 15 minute appointments.

How many treatments will I need?

Each case is different regarding reducing pain or improving biomechanics, most patients report a noticeable change in their symptoms after 4 – 8 appointments. Your treatment plan will be agreed between you and your chiropractor and is not rigid. Once symptom free, many patients choose to have regular treatment to help stay on top of their complaint and improve their quality of life.

Does it hurt?

Our chiropractors are well trained to provide treatment in a safe, evidence based manner. Usually the sensation of treatment should be no worse than mild discomfort, for example like the feeling after overusing muscles and waking up the next day with some stiff achy muscles.

What are the costs?

See our fee schedule, we offer reduced rates for children and full time students.

Do you take X rays?

We have in-house X-ray facilities. We will only take X-rays when these are clinically justified. We adhere to the all the guidelines for medical X-ray exposures to keep X-ray radiation to the lowest level possible.

Where are you located?
See map PL27 6DJ. At the top of Gonvena Hill, a hundred yards above Wadebridge School. The main road to Rock/Polzeath runs between the clinic and Wadebridge Football Club.

Can I see the same person my friend/relative sees?

We aim to book patients with a chiropractor who was recommended to them. Once assigned to a specific chiropractor, you will usually see this same chiropractor for the duration of your treatment plan.

Can I be seen outside my work hours?

We are open between 8h00 and 19h00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and 8h00 to 17h00 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

What’s the difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?

Both Chiropractors and Osteopaths use gentle joint manipulation, massage and muscle stretching to relieve symptoms. Chiropractors are trained to refer for and interpret X-rays or MRI scans, whereas Osteopaths rely more on their physical examination. The main differences between the two professions are that Chiropractors will focus more on the spine and joints, whereas Osteopaths will focus more on muscles and surrounding bones. Chiropractors use physical adjustments more, while Osteopaths will use massage and stretching techniques.

Do you have a lady chiropractor?

Yes, Dr Kylie More had been practicing here since 2004.


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