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About Wadebridge Chiropractic Clinic

Serving the Community

Friends laughingWadebridge Chiropractic Clinic is well-known and well-respected in the community, having provided patients of all ages and all walks of life results-driven care for over 25 years. Our aim is to help you feel and move your best, so you can live life to the fullest with a body that functions properly.

We believe in a simple motto: Where there’s no movement, there’s pain and where there’s movement, there’s no pain. We strive to restore optimal alignment and movement to the spine and pelvis, alleviating pressure on the muscles, joints and nerves so your body can function the way it’s supposed to.

Coming Full Circle

Practice owner Jan Louw has been part of our clinic family since he arrived from South Africa in 2006. Although he moved to other areas and worked in other clinics, he continued to practise here on and off over the years. In 2019, he purchased Wadebridge Chiropractic Clinic, coming back home to where he always wanted to be.

Our experienced team includes four chiropractors and a sports therapist, all of whom are very knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system and addressing issues related to it. If your condition can’t be helped with chiropractic care, we’ll refer you to the correct healthcare provider.


Our Customised Approach

We tailor care to your specific needs and goals, and your individual care plan may include more than chiropractic care. For example, we recently helped a man with terrible neck pain that radiated into his arm.

Along with Impulse instrument-assisted adjustments, we provided dry needling and other soft tissue release methods to get his muscles and joints moving again. We also gave him structural exercises to strengthen the area, helped him improve his work posture and recommended self-care techniques at home. He’s now happily back to playing golf—and he referred his wife to us as well.

Schedule Today

We cater to your needs and can often accommodate same-day appointments. Contact us today to book your first visit.

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